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Published by March 16,2020

From March , we can see more container shipping  in China are returning to normal, according to figures from  List Intelligence, which show  container  vessel calls at 

 Shanghai   have picked up after the soft performance in Feb ,2020 ,which cause by the Corona Virus .

 One French container liner officer  said last week they believe the situation in China is already beginning to recover and exports are  returning to normal

as Chinese factory production recovers.

 As China forwarders, we also  forecast sharp increase on  liftings by the end of March, reflecting the need for warehouses in the US and Europe to be

replenished after several weeks of factory closures in China that have disrupted supply lines and depleted stocks of components, spare parts and other urgently needed inventories.

The US west coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are expecting a surge in volumes as China exports resume.

Carriers  have added extra loaders using some of the largest boxships in the world, 

Nevertheless, the threat of Virus  remains that as Europe and the US bring in increasingly  measures to restrict the spread of the coronavirus 

The shipping future in 2020 maybe cloudy but still some sun shine .


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