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China's Tianjin Port opens 3 new routes

Published by July 29,2022


At 20:00 on July 23, as the "Mediterranean Aida 2" completed more than 700 container loading and unloading tasks and slowly left Tianjin Port Eurasia International Container Terminal, it marked the official maiden voyage of Tianjin Port's "Mediterranean Southeast Asia Route". This is the third "Belt and Road" and RCEP new route opened by Tianjin Port since July.

New routes have been opened continuously, which further encrypted the foreign trade route network of Tianjin Port, increased the flight density of Tianjin Port’s Southeast Asian near-ocean freight routes, accelerated the shipping and trade exchanges between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and RCEP member countries, and further smoothed the domestic and international dual circulation. 

"Mediterranean Southeast Asia Route" is the first Southeast Asia route opened by MSC in Tianjin Port in recent years, focusing on serving RCEP member countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. There are 5 to 6 2500-3500TEU full container ships on a weekly basis operation.

The newly launched Mediterranean Southeast Asia pertiwi route can directly sail from Tianjin Port to Southeast Asian ports, meeting the current demand for import and export capacity in Southeast Asia in the northern market, and providing stronger timeliness and space guarantees for corporate cargo shipments.

The continuous opening of new routes has realized daily container liner exchanges between Tianjin Port and major ports in Southeast Asia, and shortened the sea transportation time from Tianjin to Southeast Asian countries to at least 9 days, which can provide more and more convenient services for our customers. Choice of shipping channels for cargo by sea.

Tianjin Port, as the sea gateway of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and an important sea outlet of my country's "Three North" regions, gives full play to the role of the "Belt and Road" sea and land intersection and an international hub port serving the comprehensive opening to the outside world.

With the strong support of relevant port units, we will continue to improve the level of customer service, optimize the allocation of port resources, and improve the efficiency of port operations, which jointly guarantees the stable and positive growth of container traffic between Tianjin Port and Southeast Asian countries.

Among them, the container traffic in RCEP-related countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Myanmar increased by more than 7% year-on-year, providing an efficient and convenient shipping channel guarantee for the import and export value of Tianjin Port to its major trading partners to maintain growth.

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