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Is there a container with the same number

Published by July 26,2022


The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has detected two containers with the same number in its yard.

Both 40ft containers carry the same number: SLHU4500470. However, these boxes come with two separate seals: 001535 and GTS 005946.

The boxes were detected by the port's Container Terminal Management System (CTMS), which were being stored under the port's security arrangements.

One of the two containers may contain computer accessories and the other may contain solar photovoltaic water pumps, port officials said.

He added that customs officials will open the containers, which are owned by Singapore-based shipping company Sea Lloyd.

Saif Maritime Ltd Chief Operating Officer Mohammed Abdullah Jahir said: “This is the first time in my 27-year career in the shipping industry.

In fact, like a person's ID number, a container also has its own "ID number", and its ID number is the container number.

Adopting the ISO6346 (1995) standard, the standard container number is composed of 11-digit codes, the first part is composed of 4-digit English letters, and the first three codes are the container owner code, which mainly indicates that the container owner and operator are the container owner himself. Regulations and reporting to the International Bureau of Containers.

The second part of the container code consists of 6-digit Arabic numerals, which is the container registration code or serial number of the container. This number is unique, that is, a container has a specific registration code. Sometimes when there are not enough 6 digits, an Arabic number "0" will be added in front.

The third part is the check code. This is a single Arabic number, and a box is usually added to the number to distinguish it from the previous cabinet registration code. This number is calculated from the first 4 letters and 6 Arabic numbers through the verification rules, so it can also verify whether the main code of the box and the registration code of the box are correct.

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