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Shipping from China to Halifax, Canada

Published by March 24,2022

Shipping from China to Halifax:

A commercial port on the east coast of Canada, located in the middle waist of the southeast coast of the Nova Scotia Peninsula, at 44.39' north latitude and 63.34' west longitude. Freezing natural deep water harbor. Outside the port, it is 542 nautical miles to St. John's Port, 391 nautical miles to Boston Harbor, and 2,300 nautical miles to Colon City, Panama via Windward Strait.

The Canadian National Railway uses this as the eastern terminus, and there are highways leading to various places. There is an international airport in the east of the city. After the construction of the cross-harbour bridge, Dartmouth on the east side of the bay has developed rapidly and has become an important industrial area. The industry is dominated by shipbuilding, oil refining, automobile assembly, sugar refining, and wood processing.

Shipping from China to Halifax

From China to Halifax, Canada by sea:

The port area is in the depression on the east bank of the small peninsula protruding to the south, extending from the northwest to the southeast. In the south is the ocean pier, with 3 jetties extending eastward and the shore piers on both sides.

There are a total of 23 deep-water berths, and the water depth is 8.8 to 14.0 meters below the reference line. Among them, berths 41 and 42 at the southern end are container terminals, berths 25 and 28 are grain terminals, with a grain warehouse capacity of more than 140,000 tons. Berth 30 handles steel, most of the others are general cargo berths, as well as ro-ro ships and passenger terminals. All jetties and container terminals have rail passages.

In the north is the Richmond Wharf, with a berth along the shore with a water depth of 8.1 to 8.7 meters. It is used for loading and unloading oil and bulk cargo. There are railways passing through it. The adjacent two sides are where the shipyard is located. During the winter when the St. Lawrence River freezes, ships in and out of Eastern Canada stop here. It ranks second in Canada, after the Port of Montreal.

Shipping from China to Halifax, Canada

Air Freight from China to Halifax, Canada:

Air freight can arrange direct or transfer flights from major international airports in China to Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and other major airports.

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