Amazon FBA

FBA means fulfillment by AMAZON. As the first class China freight forwarder, ORIGINAL LINK LOG understand more customer will sell their cargo via AMAZON web site, We are able to provide service from China to AMAZON major warehouse in USA/ Australia/Europe

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Overseas Delivery

DDU/DDP delivery.

Door to door

Door-to-Door service.


The price includes the import tax.y


The entire cargo process is under your control.

FBA services

We have 6 warehouses only for FBA cargo in North and south China In the warehouse, our staff will make special label on the cargo box as the customer request, Take US FBA shipment for example ,We can provide

  • 1.sea transportation from China to US ports plus express courier(UPS/FEDEX) till AMAZON warehouse
  • 2.sea transportation from China to US ports plus trucking delivery till AMAZON warehouse in US
  • 3.air freight from China till US airport plus (UPS/FEDEX ) till AMAZON warehouse in US
  • 4.UPS/FEDEX couriers service from China till AMAZON warehouse in US"
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