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    Original link Logistics Co, Ltd is an licensed NVOCC in China. it aims at providing first-class services to our valued customers over the world.Especially the trade lane from China to Canada , the most important trade lane between east and west.


    Our team members have an average of 5 years of excellent work experience from China to Canada and expertise in shipping. To meet your shipping needs throughout Canada (including VANCOUVER, TORONTO, MONTREAL ), we will do our best to provide an economical, affordable and reliable logistics plan. We guarantee that the goods will be handled professionally under our professional skills.


    For Sea Shipping


    Since year 2017,Original Link Logistics start to sign service contract with ocean liner for the shipment from China to Canada , including HMM/EMC/ZIM/SM LINE/HPL etc , We are going to sign more service contract with more ocean liner and provide the best ocean rate from customer.


    For Air Shipping


    We cooperate with more than 20 air line , No matter your cargo will go to LAX/JFK/DFW/ORD or any Canada major air port, we can meet your expectation.


    We offer professional freight forwarding services from China to Canada. If you have a shipping challenge, we have a solution, contact us now


    Freight from China to Canada

    Large volume of sea freight from China to Canada, Orglinklog Logistic to handle all kinds of sea freight, such as furniture, mattresses, carpets, chemicals and dangerous goods, daily necessities and other large and small items, we can provide including sea, air and express various modes of transportation.


    At the same time, in addition to good solutions and good services, based on our rich experience and good relationship with operators and airlines, we provide our customers with more competitive prices.


    Whether you need to ship from China to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary or any other city in Canada, Orglinklog Logistic can always provide you with the best shipping solution. You will get the best shipping rates from China to Canada by sea, air.


    Ocean freight shipping form China to Canada

    China to Canada shipping , Orglinklog Logisticd advantage.


    1. Price advantage: We cooperate directly with major shipping companies, and the price advantage is very obvious. We give customers preferential prices


    2. Customs clearance advantages: With rich experience in all kinds of commodities (office furniture, office chair parts, computer accessories, printers, porcelain, electrical appliances, clothing, etc. can be safely and formally cleared), we will clear customs for you at a fast and effective speed.


    3. Stowage advantage: Our shipping schedule is stable, and we have containers every week. Our business implements one-to-one communication with customers and stowage. You don't have to worry that the goods cannot be loaded on the ship or the container.

    Air freight from China to canada

    Orglinklog provides the best airfreight and shipping solutions according to the customer's transit time requirements for air cargo from china to canada.


    Compared with ocean freight, air freight is also a popular method of freight transportation from China to Canada, which is more efficient than ocean freight. For example, it takes 5-8 weeks for sea freight from China to Canada, while air freight can deliver the goods to Canada within a week.


    Therefore, air freight is the best option for high-value and time-limited shipments.


    Now, while faster, air freight is expensive.


    Therefore, it is best recommended for small and light cargo.


    Otherwise, shipping costs may overwhelm you.

    China to Canada Express Shipping

    From China to Canada, you can choose commercial express DHL, UPS, FEDEX, other express, please contact us. DHL, FedEx, UPS, the three major express delivery systems are generally more time-efficient, and usually arrive within 3-5 working days.

    Door to Door Shipping from China to Canada

    Door-to-door shipping is a great option if you don't want to deal with shipping issues. All you need to do is find a reliable supplier in China and order your goods, then find a freight forwarder who will transport your goods from China to their final destination in Canada.


    The freight forwarder will help you with one-stop service from loading, transportation, customs clearance, and unloading. All you have to do is sit back and wait for delivery.

    China to Canada FCL Shipping

    Due to our long-term partnership with many operators, Orglinklog offers lower prices than the market. If you have a large amount of containerized cargo to be shipped from China to Canada. We can provide you with a container space guarantee for loading in the next 3 months or even 6 months.

    China to Canada LCL Shipping

    Orglinklog has weekly LCL shipping services from any port in China to any international port in Canada. If you need, we can also pick up your goods anywhere in China.

    Additional Services for Shipping from China to Canada

    1. Pickup and Delivery:

    Door-to-door pickup is provided in any city in China, and door-to-door delivery is provided when the destination is reached.


    2. Warehousing and distribution:

    Free warehousing service for your goods.


    3. Cargo Insurance:

    Insure your shipments to Canada smoothly


    4. Customs declaration:

    We provide you with a professional team to handle all paperwork and customs clearance services

    Best Freight Forwarders from China to Canada

    1. Provide the best sea freight from any port in China to any city in Canada

    2. Provide the best air freight service from any airport in China to any city in Canada

    3. Guaranteed to get enough container space even in peak season

    4. Pick-up service in any city in China

    5. A team that handles all paperwork professionally

    6. Customs clearance experts

    7. Container loading supervision service

    8.24/7 online service

    Shipping company from China to Canada

    Must identify a company that provides service from China to anywhere in Canada.


    As a professional international logistics company, international express, cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider, Orglinklog is a member of NVOCC (Non-Vessel Carriers) approved by the Ministry of Communications, and has established long-term cooperative agency relationships with many shipping companies. Can provide customers with high-quality shipping services from China to Canada.


    Orglinklog and COSCO (COSCO), CSC (China Shipping) and other Chinese-funded liner, to NYK (Japan Tanker), MSC (Maersk), Matson (Mason), CMA (CMA CGM), EVG (Evergreen), HANJIN (Hanjin) We have established a long-term agency partnership with other foreign liner ships, which can provide customers with faster information, more accurate flights, more sufficient space, and more reasonable prices, so that customers can obtain better service experience.


    Kind tips:

    Another thing is to be careful in choosing the right operator when China has a large number of operators. Choosing the wrong carrier can leave you dealing with shipping delays, damaged and lost shipments, high shipping costs, and more.


    So, always look for the following elements when you choose a carrier.


    i. Shipping costs

    ii. Shipping route

    iii. Port on call

    iv. Reliability

    v. Delivery time


    Regarding partnering with the right operator, we at Orglinklog Logistic can help you.


    We have good relationships with top logistics providers in the industry. These connections help us secure good shipping deals for our customers.


    So with us, you can be sure to get enough space for your shipments, great shipping rates and world-class service.

    Shipping cost from China to Canada

    Shipping costs from China to Canada cover a lot of elements.


    This includes local shipping, handling, shipping and storage fees.


    This fee also includes other fees, including documentation and customs clearance.


    Rates depend on many factors, not just the volume of cargo, the distance traveled, the mode of transport, and the specific carrier.


    Please note that local charges are usually charged upon release from warehouses at the port of origin and port of destination.


    Clearance fees and applicable duties and taxes are paid to the customs authorities at the port.


    You make this payment before the item is allowed into Canada.


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    Shipping From China to Canada | China Leading Freight Forwarder
    Shipping From China to Canada | China Leading Freight Forwarder
    Shipping From China to Canada | China Leading Freight Forwarder

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    Shipping From China to Canada | China Leading Freight Forwarder

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