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Chinese factory resume to work step by step during the Corona Virus period

Published by March 05,2020

In the past  40days , The corona Virus spread through fromWUHAN city ,HUBEI to many places in China

Which bring big efffect to the whole China economic

Though China is on Spring festival holiday in end of Jan , but the virus forces many company extend their holiday 

from 7days to 20days . 

Normally if without the virus , all the factory in China start to work from 03FEB,but till 17FEB, some factory start to work 

step by step ,even under this situation, many workers can not go back to the factory due the road close

The good news is from end of FEB ,VIRUS is contrroled and  people also resume to work , 

The container trucking becomes busy, we belive soon all things will be normall 

Under such difficult situation ,ORIGINAL LINK LOGISTICS staff always follow all shipping order from customer

very carefully , no matter air or sea shipments .

Being reliable shipping partner is our target and what we are doing 

any question on shipping from China, please contact us via


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